Abu Garcia BCX Baitcast Fishing ReelThe Abu Garcia BCX baitcast reel delivers performance, durability, and quality at an affordable price. With its Swedish inspired engineering, the Abu Garcia BCX fishing reel is positioned lower on the fishing pole for easy palming. Three stainless steel ball bearings add incredibly smooth action to the BCX reel, and a Corrotech treated instant anti-reverse roller bearing provides corrosion resistance and overall durability. The multi-disk drag system and ADS spool design allow the Abu Garcia BCX baitcast reel to handle bigger loads, while the six-pin centrifugal brake will lend plenty of line control to the mix. All these features at an affordable price make the Abu Garcia BCX baitcast fishing reel a real workhorse.

Overall Review

My first impression of the Abu Garcia BCX baitcast reel was astonishment with the overall quality. The moment you pick it up, you will immediately notice the precision and durability with which the fishing reel was built. No detail seems to have been overlooked with the BCX reel, with velvet smooth action and rock-solid stability. However, I’ve been fooled before with the appearance of quality, so I put the BCX through everything it could handle.

I decided to start my review of the Abu Garcia BCX reel by fishing for Northern Pike off the end of my dock. There’s a great little nook that the fish like to hide about 70 feet off the dock, so I figured this would be a great testing ground to begin with. To my expectations, the BCX performed the way you would expect any Abu Garcia reel to perform; deadly accurate and amazingly smooth. Even my 11 year old son had no problems hitting the “sweet spot” for Pike, and we both enjoyed reeling in a couple of decent size fish. For me, it was very impressive to see an entry-level fisherman just pick up and use a baitcasting reel without any training or previous experience.

The Abu Garcia BCX baitcast reel performed wonderfully in every way. The entire time, the BCX reel was light, smooth, and free of flutter. While I was reeling in my first Pike, I was able to enjoy the fight with the fish instead of fighting with a sub-par fishing reel. The BCX takes the hassle out of the equation and allows you to do what you want to do when you’re fishing – catch fish.

I would rate my review of the Abu Garcia BCX baitcast fishing reel as 5 out of 5 stars. This fishing reel is incredibly smooth and well-built from the bearings to casing. Although I have always been impressed with the quality I’ve come to expect from Abu Garcia, the BCX baitcast reel really breaks the mold. Kudos to the boys over at Abu Garcia, and keep up the fantastic work!

Product Features

– Three stainless-steel ball bearings.
– One Corrotech-treated IAR roller bearing.
– ADS (Anti-Distortion Spool) design to handle extreme loads.
– Powerful multi-disk drag system.
– Synchronized level wind system for even line lay.

Product Specifications

Available Models: 5600-BCX / 6600-BCX
Bearings: 3+1
Configuration: Left or Right Handed
Weight: 10.4 oz. / 11.3 oz.
Line Capacity (14 lbs. line): 180 yds. / 245 yds.
Gear Ratio:  5.3:1

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Abu Garcia BCX Baitcast Reel Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Written by Skeets Sawyer

Skeets Sawyer is a master fisherman, angling his way through literally thousands of lakes and rivers. Along with owning a small town bait shop, he designs his own line of fishing poles. Some of most intersting places he’s drop his line are Saskatchewan and Sri Lanka. He resides in Henderson, Minnesota.

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