Like most adventure sports enthusiasts, facing the eventuality that your inflatables may lose air is always in the back of your mind. Whether a wheel or a raft, being able to pump the inflatable equipment up in a quick manner can mean the difference between having a great excursion or simply being stuck on the shore.

The Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump features a wide variety of innovative uses that enable one to maximize its use under the most extreme conditions.


In its most basic capacity, this two-way hand pump utilizes 44 gallons of air to fill inflatables at 60 strokes per minute. This is extremely proficient compared to most other items on the market.

Fitted with four locking valve adapters, this hand pump fits a number of different capacities in regards to its diversity. This includes a Boston valve and the Advanced Elements Spring valve found in most of the inflatables from the manufacturer’s company.

The high pressure output of this device is one of the major factors we were interested in when doing this product review. This hand pump can handle 14.7 PSI, or one atmosphere, of pressure. This comes in really handy when using the locking end of the large, flexible hose, which provides continuous airflow.

Adding to its versatility is the fact that it can be used for both inflation and deflation while the large handles and foot plate allow the user to perform the task without much problem.

Major Bonuses

Finally, the construction of the Advanced Elements Double Action Hand Pump is highly refined. It is made from a lightweight, noncorrosive plastic. In addition, it can be disassembled to allow the user to fix broken parts or simply do inspections.

Ultimate Selling Point

In a pinch, this hand pump can also work as an emergency water pump in your canoe, kayak or boat.

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Written by Skeets Sawyer

Skeets Sawyer is a master fisherman, angling his way through literally thousands of lakes and rivers. Along with owning a small town bait shop, he designs his own line of fishing poles. Some of most intersting places he’s drop his line are Saskatchewan and Sri Lanka. He resides in Henderson, Minnesota.

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