Best Places for Used Canoes

Used canoes are available everywhere. The best time to buy may be the end of the season, so plan ahead to buy before you want to use your new boat. Here are some of the best places to find used canoe for sale. Local Classifieds Check the listings in your...Read more …

Harmony 303 UV Protectant Review

Harmony 303 UV Protectant is a must have for any kayak or canoe enthusiast. More than just a water sport UV protectant, Harmony 303 is an "Aerospace" protectant that helps rubber, vinyl, plastic, leather, and fiberglass stand up to the rigors of damaging UV rays. Harmony 303 UV Protectant is water based, so it's easy to apply and is environmentally friendly.

Leatherman Skeletool Multi-Tool Review

The Leatherman Skeletool is the perfect companion for the kayak, canoe, rock climbing, or camping enthusiast. Built from durable and attractive 420HC stainless steel, the incredible Leatherman Skeletool weighs in at only 5 ounces making it the lightest and most versatile multi-tool ever crafted.
Revla Bike Seat Review

Revla Bike Seat Review

The Revla Bike Seat is sensitive to each person’s needs in terms of balance and feel. The Revla seat can be adjusted on your bicycle so that it fits to you and suits your comfort needs. The Revla Bike Seat’s patented inverted ‘L’ design carries enormously high loads due to...Read more …