Bass Fishing Gurus – A Website for the Fishing Enthusiast

Those looking for information about fishing, particularly bass fishing, would do themselves a favor by checking out Bass Fishing Gurus, a website dedicated to the full spectrum of all things having to do with the wonderful fish.

Everyone knows that bass fishing can be a challenge, but the people at this site do a wonderful job explaining in detail what you need, where to look and how to best get one of the decadent beasts on a hook. From detailing the right gear and tackle to providing tips to the beginner and experienced angler alike, Bass Fishing Gurus is explicit in its understanding of what the fishing community needs and wants.

Covering over 22 different species of bass, the site also lays the groundwork for other types of prey, such as charr, salmon and trout. All of which are hugely popular with anglers across North America.

The site even touches on freshwater river monsters – things to avoid or be amazed by in our sometimes mysterious waterways.

What makes this site stand out from others is the fact that it outlines in extreme detail nearly all facets of the fish. Not simply best practices, but an actually well-executed examination of the different species from the habitat they live in, how widely distributed they are, what sort of feeding habits they have, various features to look out for, general sizes and reproductive capabilities.

We here at The Wilderness Review utilize Bass Fishing Guru whenever we have the opportunity to go fishing for our favorite fish and can recommend its usability and functionality for anyone interested in not only bass, but trout, salmon and charr.

One thing to add — the site is currently looking for individuals with strong writing skills to join its operation. Anyone interested can contact the site’s administrator and inquire about a possible position. As for our review of the website, we give it 5 stars.

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Bass Fishing Gurus - A Website for the Fishing Enthusiast, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Written by Ripley Hunter

Ripley Hunter enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities and adventure sports. From kayaking to rock climbing, Hunter’s real love lies in fishing, whether on the water or ice. Among his great adventures is deep sea fishing in New Zealand. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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