New England is a has quite alot of lakes, rivers, and bays, containing the U.S.’s six most northeastern states. With the whole area having almost 72000 sq. miles of land, making it slightly larger than Washington. These are some of the place I have found that I think most people would enjoy visiting while up there.

Lake Umbagog, N.H.

There is a large amount of wildlife you can watch while at this lake, which include winter wrens, purple finches, great blue herons and black ducks. It’s best to be off the lake my around 1 o’clock because the lake is fairly shallow and there summer winds which could end up getting your kayak or canoe stuck.

Lake Umbagog Info

Blue Hill Bay, Maine

This bay doesn’t have any cruise ships going through it that you would get if you were on the other side of the island. While in the bay you can see many creatures, but mostly sea lions, osprey, harbor seals, and if you’re lucky enough, you can sometimes see a porpoise pass by.

Blue Hill Bay Info

Barn Island, Conn.

This river is on the eastern side of Connecticut, and leads down to Napa Tree Point in Rhode Island. If you go through Wildlife Management Area near here you can find salt marsh wildlife, or if you go straight you can find a smaller beach at Watch Hill. This place is rarely crowded, which makes it great for relaxing after you kayak.

Barn Island Info

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