Best Places to Kayak in Alaska

Alaska is a beautiful place, with plenty of great scenery on along it’s rivers. However, I found some places that, if you happen to be in Alaska, are probably the best places if you want to go kayaking while staying up there.

Cheney Lake

Cheney Lake is located in East Anchorage near the Elmendorf Air Force Base. The lake is actually quite small, but it is a rather ideal location to go kayaking. It is also a great spot to take newcomers if you want them to try kayaking or canoeing.

Kelly River

Kelly River is a calm river, which is great if someone wants to go slowly and see Alaska’s environment. You get to see a lot of mountains along the way on the first 2/3 of trip. However, some of this river is a bit shallow in some areas, so sometimes you will have to drag the canoe or kayak a bit.

Eagle River

Eagle River is a very beautiful river, and is kayaked on mostly for its scenery. It flows through the Chugach Mountains, which is only about fifteen minutes north of Anchorage, Alaska. It has relatively calm waters and the start, but whitewater farther downstream.

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