The Hawaiian Islands are the most tropical natural place there is in the United States. Two of its islands, Kaua’i and Hawai’i are arguably the most scenic of the islands. This makes both of these islands both places to kayak, so here are a few places that I have found to kayak at in Kaua’i and Hawai’i.

Waimea River

Waimea River is on the southern part of the island of Kaua’i, near the town named after it. The river is only about eight or nine miles long, however, this river is meant for the scenery, not the amount of time you are on it. You can keep going down it and see new wildlife every time.

Waimea River Info

Wailua River

Yet another shorter river on Kaua’i, this river is around twenty miles long. This is the only navigable river for anything larger than a kayak or a canoe on Kaua’i however, so be careful of boats on the start. However, once you turn the fork into the part of the river that to small for boats, it’s a very peaceful river.

Wailua River Info

Kealakekua Bay

This bay on Hawai’i is only about a mile long, but is still a great place to kayak as one of the favorites of tourists to the Hawaiian Islands. You can often see dolphins swimming around in the bay, and if you kayak all the way across you can see the cook monument from the event in 1779.

Kealakekua Bay Info

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Written by Gayle Channing

Gayle Channing is a consumate adventurer. He makes an effort to travel just about everywhere he can and catalog his voyages for The Wilderness Review.

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