During a person’s visit to Maine there are plenty of rivers to go kayaking on, from the larger rivers to some of the smaller streams. However, due to the number of rivers some people may have indecision while trying to plan a route for kayaking. This is a list of rivers that can be enjoyed by people who kayak, no matter what they like.

Moose River

This river runs 83 miles, starting up near the U.S.-Canada border in Beattie. The river is fairly calm, however it has a few whitewater rapids in some places. The river ends by emptying into the Moosehead Lake, which is perfect if you want to kayak down the Kennebec River.

Moose River Kayaking

St. John River

If you want thrill while kayaking, you will most likely want to go along this river. Along with flat-water currents, the river also has whitewater rapids and numerous waves. If you can, try to kayak the river with others in case you fall out of your kayak due to the waves.

St. John River Kayaking

Penobscot River

This river not only features some very breathtaking views, it is in a remote area of the state, allowing a relatively peaceful environment. Be sure to bring along a camera while kayaking, as this is one of the places that you may find moose while in Maine.

Penobscot River Kayaking

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