While you are in Missouri, you have plenty of rivers or lakes that you can go kayaking on. However, I have found some places that I think most kayakers would enjoying going on, especially if they are with some of their family while visiting there.

Platte River

This a great place to go kayaking on if you want to go down a quiet river. The current is not to rough, so it is great if you want to bring some kids along with you while kayaking. You can also view the beautiful autumn colored leaves when kayaking in early fall, making this quite a beautiful place that season.

Nebraska State Parks: Platte River

Wyaconda River

There are many small rapids along this river that make it not only challenging to kayak down, but also fun. This river has a great number of entrance and exit points on the river, meaning you only have to go as far as you want to, or you can mark your location to come back tomorrow and continue on.


Eleven Point River

This is a river that is great for both beginner or experienced kayakers. Kayakers can see some beautiful rock formations, untouched by humans thus far. While you go down this river, you can also see a large amount of the natural habitat still existing, along with the animals that live there.

Missouri Scenic Rivers

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Written by Gayle Channing

Gayle Channing is a consumate adventurer. He makes an effort to travel just about everywhere he can and catalog his voyages for The Wilderness Review.

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