North Carolina is pretty much meant for kayaking, so who wants to go probably wouldn’t want to miss out kayaking at some of the best places to kayak in North Carolina. These kayaking spots will give a kayaker a challenge, while also providing scenic views.

Lumber River

This river should probably only be kayaked when you have a couple days to explore everything that it has to offer. You can enjoy seeing many different types of wildlife as well as scenery as you kayak along. Being able to view scenery that is still pure while kayaking is probably the most rewarding thing about this river.


Fontana Lake

This is probably the cleanest lake in the country. Kayakers can enjoy viewing the interesting landscape as they paddle around this lake. This lake still has crystal clear water, making it one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.

Great Smokies

Catawba River

Fisherman will love to go down this river while kayaking. This is a good river for both experienced and inexperienced kayakers. Along the river you can view a number of wildlife, making this a great place if you want to see animals in the wilderness.

Catawba River

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