Saskatchewan has an excess amount of places to go kayaking, as it is within Canada. If you go up there to kayak, there are so many rivers it may be hard to pick. These are a few places that I have found that I believe to be the best for kayaking.

Churchill River
Starting from the Churchill lake the amount of the river in Saskatchewan is around 300 miles. This length is more than long enough for any nearly person kayaking to find something along the river that they enjoy. This river goes through many parts of Canada, ending at the Hudson Bay.
Churchill River Info
Wapiskau River
A relativity small river, this river is meant for people who wish to enjoy the peaceful back-country of Canada. While kayaking along it, you can find animals living along this river due to its source of pure water, and it’s nearby food sources. This makes it a good place to view the local wildlife as well.
Wapiskau River Info
Nipekamew River
While a generally shallow river, only 3 feet deep in some area along the way, it still can satisfy those looking for a challenge while kayaking. If you go up during the right time of the season, you can sometimes even find some white water rapids in certain places along the river.
Nipekamew River Info
For more information on where to go in Saskatchewan, click here.
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Gayle Channing is a consumate adventurer. He makes an effort to travel just about everywhere he can and catalog his voyages for The Wilderness Review.

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