Cannon Serenity Kayak Paddle Review

The Cannon Serenity kayak paddle was specifically designed to reduce paddling fatigue on long kayak tours. The Serenity features a dihedral blade angle to provide improved balance and rigidity compared to standard touring kayak paddles. The Cannon Serenity kayak paddle is available in a few different versions tailored to any skill or affordability level. Serenity touring kayak paddle options are the E-Series and A-Series Serenity which feature aluminum shafts, the FX Series which features a fiberglass shaft, and the Carbon Fiber Series which features a carbon twill shaft. All Serenity kayak paddles come with durable nylon paddle blades.


The Cannon Serenity kayak paddle performs very nicely on the water. The dihedral blade angle really reduces the paddle’s swing weight, thus reducing fatigue on long tours. I found that the balance of the Serenity was very refreshing. Whether I paddled with a high or low angle during my review, the Serenity provided a flutter free stroke and hours of enjoyment.


Although the fiberglass and carbon fiber versions of the Cannon Serenity paddle were mildly lighter and more balanced than the aluminum models, I found that they seemed to lack in performance compared to their price. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed all four versions of the Serenity kayak paddle during my review; I would just recommend you try the aluminum shaft versions before rushing out to buy the fiberglass or carbon fiber models.

Overall Review

I would rate my review of the Cannon Serenity kayak paddle as 4 out of 5. While I enjoyed the even balance, low swing weight, and superior durability of the Serenity compared to other paddles in its class, I didn’t find any extra value in the fiberglass or carbon fiber versions. If you’re just getting started with touring kayaking, then the aluminum versions are a good place to start. But if you’re a season vet, you may want to try some other kayak paddles before jumping on the higher end Cannon Serenity kayak paddles.

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Cannon Serenity Kayak Paddle Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Written by Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele prides himself on having a strong knowledge of kayaks and kayak supplies. He works hand-building kayaks for a variety of clients. Sharing a name with a well-known comic book character, Cliff is known to his friends as “Robotman.” Cliff lives in San Diego, California.

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  1. Newt

    Can’t go wrong with this paddle. When I get out and about, It love the Cannon Serenity Kayak Paddle. In no way does this company give me money to support them.

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