D-Fa Dogs Dog Flotation Device Review

While almost every dog likes to swim, it’s important for owners to remember that they are not impervious to the same perils as us. This is why it’s necessary to provide life jackets or flotation vests for your dog when taking him or her into the wild.

Generally referred to as dog flotation device or dog life jacket, D-Fa Dogs has designed a brilliant product specifically geared towards your best friend.

These dog flotation devices provide the necessary balance and support to keep your pet safe while also focusing on flexibility. This allows your animal to paddle safely through the water with you.

In the event the dog is unconscious, these jackets will work to keep his or her head above water until help can be administered.

Using a unique design, these ergonomic, fitted whitewater PFD or vest is trim, avoiding the bulkiness of other companies’ products.

  • Construction of harness removes pressure points as it cradles the dog.
  • Foam segments with hinges allow for a better fit and free movement.
  • Natural buoyancy is complemented by the variable density foam.
  • Chest panel does not pressure the throat while keeping the head above water.
  • Covers a full range of doggy shapes due to tapered panels.
  • Jacket secures evenly and firmly due to double strapping.
  • Leash attachment and lifting handle for overboard situations.
  • Provides secure lifting with minimal elbow and throat pressure.
  • Designed using Cordura Nylon and waterproof reflective tapes.
  • Absolutely no awkward Velcro fastenings.
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Written by Ripley Hunter

Ripley Hunter enjoys a wide variety of outdoor activities and adventure sports. From kayaking to rock climbing, Hunter’s real love lies in fishing, whether on the water or ice. Among his great adventures is deep sea fishing in New Zealand. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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