The Old Town Discovery Sport Canoe borrows a page from the old French trappers who needed to cross big waters laden with mounds of beaver pelts. This canoe is enormous, over 15’ long and can carry 1700 lbs. It’s generous beam and full-length stabilizing chines add to its stability. The square stern is built to take an outboard motor. The company recommends going only up to 10 hp, but I’ve seen bigger ones operate quite nicely. Motorists will be pleased to see how far this boat can travel on a few gallons of gas.

Rating: I give it a 5 out of 5. This is perfect for covering big bodies of water on extended trips. Any use outside of this, however, is limited. Even the biggest paddles will have to work extra hard to move this monster through the water. Don’t even think of traveling solo without a motor. There is a rumor going around that Johnson Outdoors is discontinuing this line as it sells to only a small niche market, but this rumor is unfounded. You can still buy them new, and for the right trip, the Discover is your best choice.

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Old Town Discovery Sport Canoe Review, 3.5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings

Written by Yuri Carson

Yuri Carson is a world-class canoe expert and adventurer. Today, Carson works as a professional guide. Among some of the most diverse locales in which he’s guided canoers is Alaska, Brazil and Thailand. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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  1. Thomas F

    I purchased a slightlyy used version of this canoe so I could use it with my family. Generally I looked at it as a great way to get out for the weekend that could fit a general lifestyle and do it all. Fishing on lakes, hitting pond getting out on the river. Recently, I went on a 4 day trip to Saskatchewan for fishing and the boat handled everything I threw at it. Figured I’d just let people know.

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