Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 Kayak Review

The Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 kayak is a sit-on-top (SOT) kayak that is packed with features at an affordable price, making it the perfect kayak for the casual paddler. The Spitfire 8 kayak’s light weight makes it easy for the solo kayaker to portage and transport this boat, plus features like molded-in cup holders and bungee secured storage well allow the Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 to grow with you as you enhance your kayaking skills. The Spitfire 8 was designed for fun in the surf, but with a stable hull and straight tracking, the Emotion Spitfire 8 performs well as an inland sit-on-top kayak in addition to its versatility on the beach.

Performance Review

The Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 is truly a fine performing kayak. The blow-molded hull provides a rigid and stable paddling experience, while allowing the kayak to be light enough for advanced maneuvering and agile turning. I tested the Spitfire 8 kayak in both surf and flat water, and it is one of the best performing sit-on-top kayaks I’ve had the pleasure to review in both situations.

Versatility Review

While the Spitfire 8 was designed for fun in the surf and coastal beach paddling, it also performs well as a recreational inland kayak. The Spitfire 8 is stable enough light river paddling, and also tracks well enough to be a viable day paddler on larger lakes and streams. With its ability to handle surf and yet still track straight and true, the Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 is one of the most versatile sit-on-top kayaks available on the market today.

Cargo Space Review

While most sit-on-top kayaks offer virtually no cargo space, the Spitfire 8 actually does a pretty good job. There’s plenty of space for a large duffel or dry bag in the aft cargo tank well, plus the open bow design allows you to keep a smaller dry bag between your legs if you need some extra storage space.

Portability Review

At only 8ft long and 38lbs, the Spitfire 8 is one of the easiest to transport kayaks on the market today. The design and weight of the Spitfire 8 allows a solo kayaker to transport or portage this kayak by themselves without any problem. Plus, the seat back folds down to allow for compact and easy storage of your kayak in even the most space-limited conditions.

Product Specifications

  • Length: 8ft (8’ 0”)
  • Width: 30in (30”)
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Capacity: 225-240 lbs
  • Features:  Toggled carry handles, foldable seat back, cup holders, aft storage tank well.

Overall Review

My overall review of the Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 is a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed the paddling versatility of the Spitfire 8, and was very impressed by the primary stability the designers were able to produce. At around $250, you would expect to sacrifice some performance or amenities from the kayak to keep it affordable. However, the good people at Emotion Kayaks found an excellent solution, utilizing blow-molding technology to ensure an even and durable kayak hull with limited weight and cost. All these things together equal one sweet kayak value.

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Emotion Kayaks Spitfire 8 Kayak Review, 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

Written by James Stalker

James Stalker is a licensed kayak teacher and field guide with over 20 years of experience. James fell in love with adventure sports after facing a bout of cancer at a young age. He can be found traveling in some of the corners of the continent almost untouched by nearly anyone else. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

This Review Has 8 Comments

  1. Chris

    Hi Kayak Review Guy

    Just a question or two. Looking at the specifications, it seems to me that this kayak is made only for one person. It seems very small so correct me if I’m wrong, but this kayak can’t be used for touring as this kayak doesn’t offer enough storage space for equipment like a tent, a big duffel bag and other related equipment?

    I would appreciate a feedback for the basic usage of the Spitfire sit-on-top kayak.


  2. The Review Guy
    James Stalker

    Hi Chris. Yes, I agree that the Spitfire is more ideal for light surf or recreational use. Not quite designed for touring, but still a lot of cargo space and capacity room for a sit on top of this size.

  3. Charles Gibson

    My weight is 250lbs would this kayak b Ok for me just having fun no long trips Thanks

  4. Jo Marie Moore

    I am looking for a lightweight kayak to use in lakes in the California/Lake Tahoe area. I’ve never been kayaking and I don’t swim well, therefor, I want something that won’t tip over easily and is extremely stable. Also, I’m only 5’1 and weigh 115 lbs. and I’m 64 years old, so I want something that I can lift easily onto the roof of my Subaru Imprezza. I also want something that will track well as I will be with other kayakers, but speed is not important to me. Would this be a good choice for me or would you recommend something else?

  5. Muse

    Hey Charles,

    On REI’s website’s reviews there is a guy that is 200 lbs and reports that he rides on the kayak with his 40 lb dog (he has a picture to prove it). I know that’s 10lbs less than you are but I would think, judging by his draft level in the picture, that the extra 10 wouldn’t be a problem.

  6. ocs12

    The Spitfire is a good kayak for new or younger paddlers. It is a great value for money and I love mine from oceankayaksales.com. Also, it is great to use for all types of recreational paddling in almost any conditions.

  7. Jim Connor

    I live in southwestern Virginia where there are quite a few ponds and a couple of small rivers. I’ve been looking for a small boat to fish the ponds and float the rivers, but everything I’ve seen is too expensive for me. Going on 60 years of age and being arthritic, the weight is an issue as well.

    The Spitfire is absolutely PERFECT for what I want. I can afford it, I can handle it by myself and I can carry a small box of baits and a 5 ft. ultralight rod to throw baits at the bass in the ponds. It will also be perfect for a summer day float trip down the river.

    I found my boat!!

  8. jane maricich

    I love my Spitfire. It’s perfect for me, a smallish woman, who is also new to kayaking. I have a new Honda Fit, which is a pretty small car . . . and the kayak actually fits inside with the hatchback CLOSED. Actually, that’s one of the reasons for the choice of the Fit. It can be configured for all sorts of cargo, just by rearranging the seat positions. I can’t wait for spring, as I live just a few minutes from a small lake. I’m hoping to get my husband interested, and plan to get the next size kayak for him, although transportation will become an issue. Happy paddling, everyone.

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