Eskimo Fat Fish 767 Ice Shelter Review

The Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter is one of the newest and most durable shelters available. Suitable for 2-3 people, each one is constructed of UV and water-resistant materials and designed to be sturdy and dependable; even in snowy conditions.

Eskimo Fat Fish Ice SheltersThe Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter is perfect for those who are not interested in dedicating the amount of money or time required with an actual ice house. This shelter is reliable and the design allows for easy setup and takedown. This provides any user with the ability to make a long weekend of a trip or simply an afternoon of fun out ice fishing.

The Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter comes complete with ice anchors and a carry bag. In addition, it is made of heavy-duty material. Specifically, the Fat Fish 767 is made from 30-denier polyester which is both lightweight but durable. In addition, the material is UV treated and water resistant. Each Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter also features brand-name Velcro windows, so they can either be removed or installed to keep the elements out. The A-frame window design is perfect for controlling the environment as well as your visibility.


  • Strong hub design with fiberglass poles and metal hub assembly
  • Extremely portable with an included carrying bag
  • Large A-frame windows that are removable for more light and visibility


  • Ice Anchors: 6
  • Ventilation: 2
  • Windows: 6
  • Doors: 2
  • Gear Pockets: 2
  • Fabric: 300D
  • Transport: Backpack
  • Capacity: 2-3 person
  • Set-Up Size: 76″ x 76″
  • Elbow Room: 81″ x 81″
  • Fishable Area: 40.0 sq. ft.
  • Height: 67″
  • Collapsed Size: 7.4″ x 7.4″ x 55″
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • MSRP: $249.00

Overall Review

I would rate my review of the Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter as a 4 out of 5 stars. For the lightweight design of this ice shelter, it will provide a very good platform for your next ice fishing excursion. However, I prefer my ice shelters to stay a little bit warmer so something with a little bit more rigidity is my preference. Sure, they are a little heavier to lug around; but that’s a small price to pay for staying warm. Other than that, each the Eskimo Fat Fish 767 ice shelter that I used during my review hit all the key points you look for in a quality ice shelter, and it is a very quick pop-up shelter to get setup.

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Eskimo Fat Fish 767 Ice Shelter Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 45 ratings

Written by Skeets Sawyer

Skeets Sawyer is a master fisherman, angling his way through literally thousands of lakes and rivers. Along with owning a small town bait shop, he designs his own line of fishing poles. Some of most intersting places he’s drop his line are Saskatchewan and Sri Lanka. He resides in Henderson, Minnesota.

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