Mad Rock Ultra Tech Screwgate CarabinerThe Mad Rock Ultra Tech screwgate carabiner boasts a smooth and springy gate with extra smooth action. The manual lock ensures a secure closure every time, and the keylock nose prevents the carabiner from snagging on clothing or climbing rope. The Mad Rock Ultra Tech screwgate carabiner is incredibly versatile, which makes it suitable for most types of climbing. The Ultra Tech carabiner proves that you can have performance and quality without denting your wallet.

Overall Review

The Mad Rock Ultra Tech carabiner is an amazingly nice carabiner for such a budget price. At around $8, you’d probably expect to sacrifice some quality when buying an Ultra Tech versus a “higher performance” rock climbing carabiner, but you would be dead wrong. The Mad Rock Ultra Tech performs as well as carabiners I’ve reviewed that were twice the price, and better than some I’ve used that are priced only slightly more. The shape and size of the Ultra Tech carabiner is perfect for almost any climbing conditions you could imagine, and the quality of the gate will stand out more than you expect, considering the maximum clearance is a slim 18 millimeters.

Product Specifications

Weight: 58g
Strength (major axis open): 9 kilonewtons
Strength (major axis closed): 25 kilonewtons
Gate Open Clearance: 18mm

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Mad Rock Ultra Tech Screwgate Carabiner Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Written by Roberta Montoya

Roberta Montoya is a world-class rock climber who’s faced countless challenges over the years. She was also on the 2000 Mexican Olympic volleyball team. Today, she works as a corrections officer while climbing during the weekends. Roberta lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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