Dry, waterproof and breathable, the Marmot PreCip rain jacket has made a number of improvements in the company’s most recent release. This edition of the rain jacket is more comfortable and even more waterproof than previous models.


Designed to be used during all seasons, this jacket maintains its lightweight factors while also being able to be compressed to a much smaller size. On top of that, the Marmot PreCip jacket is perfect for shedding water, while still maintaining a breathable accent.

The 2.5 layers of waterproofing is made of polyurethane with ceramic particles embedded in the coating. This adds both durability and maintains the patented Dry Touch technology. In addition, this helps prevent a clammy feeling by denying condensation.

The hood is designed with a peripheral cord which allows the user to place it in such a way that full visibility is maintained. With this, plus thee 100 percent tape seams, warmth and dryness is maintained.

But not to be outdone by other models coming out in recent years, the jacket continues to add improvement. With its patented PitZips system, body moisture is still allowed to escape, and the DriClime chin guard fits softly against the skin of the chin and whicks away precipitation.


Finally, the Marmot PreCip rain jacket comes with Pack Pockets, which allow access to a backpack.

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Marmot PreCip Rain Jacket Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

Written by Roberta Montoya

Roberta Montoya is a world-class rock climber who’s faced countless challenges over the years. She was also on the 2000 Mexican Olympic volleyball team. Today, she works as a corrections officer while climbing during the weekends. Roberta lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. Jack

    You have to know that this will wear out after a certain amount of use. This is just what happens to shells. That is why you need to remember to keep the best care possibile in order to keep longevity going. I can’t complain about this jacket, it’s just that with heavy use, it may have some problems. I began using this jacket all the time and after a little while, the arms began to absorb moisture, so that wass a bummer. I can’t recmond treateing it enough. Use Nikwax adn maybe some tech-wash cleaner.

  2. Tommy

    This jacket is a great option for those who want to keep dry when hicking or backpacking. However, despite what people say, it doesn’t keep the rain out. For that you need to use Scotch Guard. It does however, do a good job of breathing in the rain.

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