When you first buy a kayak, you want it to stay looking like its new. However, if your in a river, there’s a chance of you hitting a rock while going down a river or steam. However, some McNett UV Tech Protectant and Rejuvinator will fix up any spots that may be worn.

McNett UV Tech Protectant and Rejuvenator is designed to work on plastic, vinyl, rubber, PVC, leather, fiberglass, and more.

As materials age, structural oils inside are lost. UV Tech replaces these lost oils and restores the pliability of the material, preventing aging and degradation.

The formula also helps to stop color from fading from the kayak, and can even restore color.

McNett UV Tech Protectant and Rejuvinator currently comes in a 12 ounce bottle, and is available for shipping on multiple websites.

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Written by Gayle Channing

Gayle Channing is a consumate adventurer. He makes an effort to travel just about everywhere he can and catalog his voyages for The Wilderness Review.

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