Metolius Element Belay Locking CarabinerThe Metolius Element locking carabiner is just the right size and shape to make it your new go to carabiner for crag and alpine rock climbing. The Metolius Element locking carabiner’s pear shape allows for easy use of most belay devices, as well as a Munter hitch. Couple that with the extra large gate and keylock nose and you have a carabiner that can accommodate most climbing rope sizes as well as most climbing devices, all without snagging on clothes or rope. At around $10, the Metolius Element locking carabiner is one of the best values you can add to your rock climbing gear collection.

Overall Review

The Metolius Element locking carabiner is incredibly versatile for its price. This carabiner works great for belaying, slowing the decline of climbers by up to 25%. With the screwgate opening, this is one of the easiest clipping carabiners I’ve ever used. While the screwgate makes the gate stay securely closed, the smooth spring action allows for easy swapping between climbing devices and rope. Even when faced with cold and icy conditions, the Metolius Element locking carabiner performs without any quirks or problems every time.

Product Specifications

Weight: 73g
Strength (major axis open): 8 kilonewtons
Strength (major axis closed): 24 kilonewtons
Gate Open Clearance: 19mm

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Metolius Element Locking Carabiner Review, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

Written by Roberta Montoya

Roberta Montoya is a world-class rock climber who’s faced countless challenges over the years. She was also on the 2000 Mexican Olympic volleyball team. Today, she works as a corrections officer while climbing during the weekends. Roberta lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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