The MTI Adventurewear Zephyr inflatable PFD is a belt pack style inflatable PFD. The MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD is the perfect choice as a backup PFD or an emergency PDF for your canoe, kayak or boat. The advanced belt pack design allows you to keep the MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD safely out of the way until you place the bladder around your neck and inflate it. Other top-notch safety features of the MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD include an adjustable waist for a comfortable fit and a whistle on a tether for added safety assurance. The MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD and belt pack are made from a durable combination of high quality Nylon and Cordura. The MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD is easily recharged with an RK5 recharge kit.

Overall Review

My overall review of the MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD is 4.5 out of 5. This is the perfect inflatable for those who don’t like the restrictions of a traditional PFD, yet want the peace of mind that you have one if you need it. The MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD pack neatly and easily into the included belt pack and retrieving it in the event of an emergency is just as easy. I wouldn’t say that the MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD is the most comfortable PFD I’ve ever used, but it sure makes up for it with its convenience.  The MTI Zephyr inflatable PFD is reliable, small and light, and it certainly has found a niche for that.


Buoyancy: 29 lbs. (Design)
Colors Choices: Red
Available Sizes: One Size Fits Most (30”-52” Chest)

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MTI Adventurewear Zephyr Inflatable PFD, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

Written by James Stalker

James Stalker is a licensed kayak teacher and field guide with over 20 years of experience. James fell in love with adventure sports after facing a bout of cancer at a young age. He can be found traveling in some of the corners of the continent almost untouched by nearly anyone else. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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