While kayaking or canoeing, you may find times where you have to have both of your hands free, such as when you get stuck on a rock. If you have a North Water Coiled Paddle Leash, you can use it for it to hold onto the paddle for you, so that you can use both of your hands.

The coil of the leash stretches from 1.5 to 5.5 ft. and turns back into its original length it has been used.

The stainless steel swivels on both ends stop it from twisting and help ensure the leash lasts.

Snap hooks can clip securely on to a deck line, while the 1.5″ webbing with hook and loop can wrap around around the paddle to keep it secure.

North Water Coiled Paddle Leash currently comes in the color black, but more colors may be added eventually.

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Written by Gayle Channing

Gayle Channing is a consumate adventurer. He makes an effort to travel just about everywhere he can and catalog his voyages for The Wilderness Review.

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