If you are looking for a great lightweight yet strong way to get your boat to the water, the NRS C-Tug boat cart is an easy to use option that features a number of amenities to make the process of getting a kayak, stand up paddleboard, canoe or other boat from you car to the river, lake or otherwise.


This particular boat cart features very few moving parts, each designed with durability in mind. Constructed using reinforced composite materials, it can stand up to the various rigors caused by the beach. According to the company, it offers “years of trouble-free service.”

One of the interesting facets of the NRS C-Tug boat cart’s construction is its ability to change angles to accommodate different hull sizes. It has two durable boat straps, a cam-lock buckle, ladderlocks and a kickstand for extra support.


The important thing to remember is to read and follow the instructions included with the cart since it has a unique way of strapping down the boat. This is of particular importance when dealing with kayaks or canoes.

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NRS C-Tug Boat Cart Review, 2.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

Written by Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele prides himself on having a strong knowledge of kayaks and kayak supplies. He works hand-building kayaks for a variety of clients. Sharing a name with a well-known comic book character, Cliff is known to his friends as “Robotman.” Cliff lives in San Diego, California.

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  1. Yoko77

    Despite what this review says, there are numerous flaws with these carts. It tried two different ones, having the tires fall off both times. I returned the first one, got another one and it happened again. Unfortunately, it really angered me since it is seriously well designed outside of the tire issues.

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