Composed of durable Cordura nylon, the NRS Kayak Rescue Throw Bag features a highly visible 1/4” polypropylene rope that reaches a full 70 feet from your boat. The bag stays on top of the water with minimal effort using an internal flotation device and the rope continues to float, helping anyone to pull someone in even the direst of emergencies.


One of the major advantages to this throw bag is the polyethylene grab loops sheathed in the material and designed for the best grasping option.

It also features mesh panels that measure a full two inches designed to reduce drying time and allow for more efficient drainage.

Finally, the bag is specifically designed for smoother throwing, better closure, and efficient reloading. This is due to the barrel-lock drawstring in the flared nylon top.

Final Opinion

Overall, one of the safest options for a throw bag.

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Written by Yuri Carson

Yuri Carson is a world-class canoe expert and adventurer. Today, Carson works as a professional guide. Among some of the most diverse locales in which he’s guided canoers is Alaska, Brazil and Thailand. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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