Old Town designed the Camper family for your family. The model 15 is a shortened form of the 16 for smaller paddlers. It’s a lightweight, responsive boat that will keep its passengers secure with its added depth. Available in red or green Royalex®, the 15 sports black vinyl gunwales, nylon web seats, polyethylene decks with grab handles, and an ash thwart and yoke.

New to the Old Town fleet, the Camper 15 has yet to prove itself as a recreational canoe. However, it was designed to meet the needs of a particular group, namely those paddlers with a shorter reach, be they children or smaller adults. And, given that its big brother, the Camper 16, is praised for its light weight and maneuverability, it’s likely this Camper will stay in the family a long time.


Length—14′ 10″/4.5 m

Width—36″/91 cm

Depth—13.5″/34.3 cm

Weight—57 lbs/25.8 kg

Capacity range—850 – 900 lbs/385.6 – 408 kg

Suggested Retail—$1,419

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Old Town Camper 15 Recreational Canoe, 3.2 out of 5 based on 30 ratings

Written by Yuri Carson

Yuri Carson is a world-class canoe expert and adventurer. Today, Carson works as a professional guide. Among some of the most diverse locales in which he’s guided canoers is Alaska, Brazil and Thailand. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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