Old Town Dirigo Tandem Kayak Review

Lonesome on the water flying solo? Have a pack of kids, dogs or monkeys you want to accompany you down the river? Then the Old Town Dirigo Tandem Plus is for you. As a super-sized version of Old Town’s traditional and trusted Dirigo, the Tandem weighs in at 80 lbs, 15’3’’ and has cockpits designed to carry two adults and two children.

Old Town’s Stabil-form™ designed hull allows for amazing stability and tracking, which is especially rare to find in such a large boat. It has surprisingly good maneuverability, allowing ample sideways movement without tipping. The overall ease of operations makes the Dirigo Tandem, like its solo predecessor, a good option for both the beginner and experiences kayaker.

The primary paddlers have adjustable foot pedals, comfortable knee padding, a cup holder and small dry hatch in the cockpit console. The adjustable stern seat allow for a solo paddler and there is ample room in both the stern cockpit and cargo well for lots of extra gear (heck you could probably stuff a few extra kids in there as well). For a more comfortable way to add an extra child (up to 60 lbs worth of one at least) you can use the removable snap-in child seat that fits either in the the bow or the stern cockpit.

As with most Old Town boats, the Dirigo Tandem offers the Ergonomic Extrasport® XtraComfort™ Outfitting system, which allows for one of the most comfortable seats out there. It is a padded, high-back seat that can be adjusted three ways with the side cockpit knobs.

The biggest downfall of this boat is that at 80 lbs it is very heavy and cumbersome to move around and transport. It would be almost impossible to maneuver by oneself, but after all, what good are passengers if they don’t work for their ride.

  • Approximate Price: $1200
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Written by Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele prides himself on having a strong knowledge of kayaks and kayak supplies. He works hand-building kayaks for a variety of clients. Sharing a name with a well-known comic book character, Cliff is known to his friends as “Robotman.” Cliff lives in San Diego, California.

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