A full three feet longer and 25 pounds heavier than the Tripper 172, the Old Town Tripper XL Tripping/Expedition Canoe is a graceful behemoth of a canoe. Made of Royalex®, it has polyethylene decks with grab handles, blow-molded seats, and an ash carrying thwart and yoke.

This canoe is designed to haul whatever you can manage to pile into it, from people to pets to gear to heavy machinery. In fact, the more you put into it, the more maneuverable it becomes, although even empty it retains its stability well. When planning your trip, remember that the canoe itself weighs over 100 pounds. Those who fill it to the brim tend to shy away from actually portaging it unless a majority of its capacity is met by passenger weight. But the XL is perfectly suited for long trips deep into the wilderness, when all your needs must be met by what you carry on board.


Length—20’/6.1 m

Width—41″/104.1 cm

Depth—16.5″/42 cm

Weight—105 lbs/47.5 kg

Capacity range—1,600 – 1,650 lbs/725.7 – 748.4 kg

Suggested Retail—$1,979

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Old Town Tripper XL Tripping/Expedition Canoe, 3.1 out of 5 based on 18 ratings

Written by Tori "Waverider" Morris

Tori “Waverider” Morris first learned to love canoes when she was just a small child. She built her first handmade canoe at the age of 11 and continues to this day as a professional. Among some of the most interesting places she’s canoed are Brazil and Vietnam. Tori lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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  1. Ric

    I use the Old Town Tripper every time I go out canoeing. It tracks well and gives me the look I think I need when I’m with the ladies.

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