The only drawback of this canoe is that you may neglect your job and family once you’ve purchased one. Retailing at $1,019, this royalex-sided craft is astonishingly light weight at 33 lbs. Couple that with 32” width, and the Pack Angler can go just about anywhere, needing only 4 inches of water to float through. This and its close cousin, the Old Town Pack Canoe, have earned a reputation for difficult tracking, but a kayak paddle and a little practice make that complaint mute.

Rating: This is perhaps the finest small fishing canoe out there. You Pay $150 more than the Pack Canoe, but the additions are well worth it: a lowered seat with a back rest, a mounted rod holder, and a removable work deck that is handy for storing fishing equipment. Thanks to the light-weight royalex construction, you should be able to carry this canoe well past the age of cashing in the IRA.

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Old Town Pack Angler Canoe Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

Written by Yuri Carson

Yuri Carson is a world-class canoe expert and adventurer. Today, Carson works as a professional guide. Among some of the most diverse locales in which he’s guided canoers is Alaska, Brazil and Thailand. He lives in Grants Pass, Oregon.

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  1. Don

    I love my new pack angler.Purchased here in Canada for $750 including tax it tracks straight and is quick with a kayak paddle.I suspect it likes to go straight ahead because at my 340 lbs. there’s plenty of boat in the water which gives me lots of rudder.I added a second thwart just fore of the factory one to rest my size 14 clodhoppers on because I find the seat bottom a tad short fore and aft-wise and my butt almost wants to slide off.I live on a quiet lake which suits this canoe well.I’m very pleased with my pack angler….and if you find yours doesn’t track well…have another pork chop (grin).

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