Pelican Splash Pedal Boat Review

Made from Pelican International’s exclusive RAM-X material, the Splash features adjustable backrests; a two-branch canopy; bottle holders and a large, built-in cooler; solid covers; and a storage compartment. This model is designed for use by two adults and one child.

With just the right amount of passenger capacity, the Pelican Splash pedal boat serves up everything you want from a pedal boat. A perfect pedal boat for the small family, the Splash is durable, comfortable fun. The kick-up rudder system makes it easy to beach, and you can walk on the solid cooler covers. Even Toys R Us has this one in its catalog.


  • 3 passenger capacity (2 adults, 1 child)
  • Exclusive impact resistant RAM-X™ hull and deck
  • Built-in flotation for added safety
  • Kick-up rudder system for trouble free beaching
  • Adjustable seat backs
  • 2-branch canopy included
  • Large built-in cooler/storage compartment with walk-on lids
  • Drink holder


  • Length: 7′
  • Beam: 60″
  • Max. Capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Rec. Seating: 2 adults, 1 child
  • Weight : 96 lbs.
  • Hull Material: RAM-X™
  • MSRP: $625.00

Overall Review

I would rate my review of the Pelican Splash pedal boat as a 3 out of 5 stars. Though it definitely isn’t the worst pedal boat that I’ve ever reviewed, the Splash certainly didn’t make a ripple in my opinion. It’s saving grace was the comfortable seats that are used in almost all of Pelican’s pedal boats, aside from that I truly was not impressed. The handling was barely on par, and pedaling in this boat was a little more strenuous than enjoyable. Though you could do a lot worse than the Pelican Splash pedal boat, I would advise you to hold out for something a little nicer. You’re sure to get a lot more enjoyment out of the experience if you do.

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Pelican Splash Pedal Boat Review, 2.6 out of 5 based on 20 ratings

Written by Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele prides himself on having a strong knowledge of kayaks and kayak supplies. He works hand-building kayaks for a variety of clients. Sharing a name with a well-known comic book character, Cliff is known to his friends as “Robotman.” Cliff lives in San Diego, California.

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