Improving on its original design, Petzl has introduced the GRIGRI 2 belay device. Smaller, lighter and offering advanced control capability, this model is more versatile than other belay devices. However, the company states that this product is mostly geared towards those in need of top-notch control for lead climbing.


  • The Petzl GRIGRI 2 is a quarter smaller and a whole 20 percent smaller than the original model. Weighing in at a little over 1/3 of a pound or 185 grams, this model is geared towards not slowing down a climber facing a multipitch challenge.
  • Another bonus of this version of the GRIGRI is the fact that it can be used with a wider variety of rop sizes than the previous model: 8.9mm to 11mm.
  • When cleaning or setting a route, this model works effortlessly with single ropes, particularly due to the manufacturer’s use of stainless-steel friction plates.
  • The most important aspect of the Petzl GRIGRI 2, however, relies on its advanced safety features. It comes fitted with a new, ergonomic handle design for gradual lowering and a brake assist, which pinches the rope when the user falls.

Other Considerations

For those with minimal experience, the Petzl GRIGRI 2 provides an illustrated diagram on the side of the device to help show how to properly set up the rope.


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Petzl GRIGRI 2 Belay Device Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

Written by Roberta Montoya

Roberta Montoya is a world-class rock climber who’s faced countless challenges over the years. She was also on the 2000 Mexican Olympic volleyball team. Today, she works as a corrections officer while climbing during the weekends. Roberta lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. 87Bob

    Better than the original IMO, the GriGri 2 has many benefits such as being lighter, running smoother and handling thinner ropes. It was even able to handle a 9.2 mm rope for me. I’ve found that it is easier to feed than others. The only thing I’ve noticed about it is the fact that it has developed a bit of surface rust on the steel cam.

  2. SpaceMountain

    I’m not super familiar with this model, but the gri gri 2 seems like a big step up from the Gri Gri 1. I’ve found that when lowering using the lever it is smoother than before with extra control. So far I’ve only tried it on 10.2 and 9.8 ropes. Overall I’ve also found the size to be very efficient, considerably different from the first one. If anyone just has an ATC, I would have to recommend this.

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