Riot Magnum 72 Kayak Review

The Riot Magnum 72 is a very nice whitewater kayak. It’s stable, comfortable and very maneuverable. The Riot Magnum 72 is designed as a creeking kayak, but it also makes a very nice playboat. The Riot Magnum 72 is ideal for both novice and professional whitewater kayakers to enjoy the water.

The Magnum’s length and width distribution make it fast, stable and predictable. With ample volume and perfect rocker profile it stays online and above it all, and its sleek, profiled front end will punch through the stickiest foam piles, preserving momentum. The shallow V shaped hull and smooth rocker transitions help with directional speed while the hull grooves aid tracking. Whenever things are starting to get nasty, whip out your Magnum 72 kayak.

The Riot Magnum 72 kayak has a price of $1149 making it priced to sell considering its luxurious features. Here are the specs for the Riot Magnum 72 as listed on the company website.


  • Length: 7‘ 11″
  • Width: 26″
  • Weight: 44 lbs.
  • Cockpit: 34″ x 18.5″
  • Volume: 72 Gallons
  • Capacity: 240 lbs.


  • Balance™ backrest with height & forward adjustment
  • Hyperlight Unity Seat™
  • Suregrip™ Adjustable Thighbraces
  • New adjustable hip pads
  • Quick dry thermofoam seat
  • Adjustable creeking bulkhead and foot brace
  • Safety / anti-theft bar
  • Four heavy duty creeking handles
  • Easy-drain system
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Written by Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele prides himself on having a strong knowledge of kayaks and kayak supplies. He works hand-building kayaks for a variety of clients. Sharing a name with a well-known comic book character, Cliff is known to his friends as "Robotman." Cliff lives in San Diego, California.

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