Harmony 303 UV Protectant Review

Harmony 303 UV Protectant is a must have for any kayak or canoe enthusiast. More than just a water sport UV protectant, Harmony 303 is an "Aerospace" protectant that helps rubber, vinyl, plastic, leather, and fiberglass stand up to the rigors of damaging UV rays. Harmony 303 UV Protectant is water based, so it's easy to apply and is environmentally friendly.

Harmony Sponge Review

The Harmony Sponge is a handy piece of gear for any kayaker or canoer. The Harmony Sponge will soak up water in large quantities, and it will do it very quickly. A Harmony Sponge can be a lifesaver when you're out on a kayak or canoe tour or anytime you take on water. The Harmony Sponge can also be used to dry your car after you wash it for a streak free shine.