Cannon Serenity Kayak Paddle Review

The Cannon Serenity kayak paddle was specifically designed to reduce paddling fatigue on long kayak tours. The Serenity features a dihedral blade angle to provide improved balance and rigidity compared to standard touring kayak paddles. The Cannon Serenity kayak paddle is available in a few different versions tailored to any skill or affordability level.

Cannon Wave Kayak Paddle Review

The Cannon Wave kayak paddle is the flagship touring paddle for the Cannon paddle company. Designed by kayak enthusiasts, the Wave touring paddle features a large paddle face for handling large waves while paddling at sea or extended tours. The Cannon Wave kayak paddle is available in four different versions to accommodate any skill level or price range.

Things to Know About Kayak Paddle Blades

Kayak paddle blades come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Kayak paddle blade shapes are referred to as asymmetrical, symmetrical, feathered, unfeathered, narrow, wide, long, and short. Each grouping of features will increase performance in a certain area. A kayak paddle blade with a wider surface area will generate...Read more …

Types of Cannon Kayak Paddles

Cannon Kayak Paddles are high quality, light weight, and super affordable. Cannon has been in business for over 50 years providing excellent customer service and some of the best paddles in the industry. Here are the current Cannon kayak paddle models. Cannon Asymmetrical Spoon Kayak Paddle You’ve seen it, used...Read more …