Made of goose down insulation and featuring a breathable shell that also stands up to water, this is a great option for those in need of a sleeping bag from the early spring to the late fall. It can be easily carried while backpacking and hiking.


Ultralight and coated with ripstop nylon, it is waterproof but helps prevent rips through the covering. It stands up to the proper temperature rating as determined by European Norm protocols. This sleeping bag will repel moisture and keep the person sleeping inside completely warm despite its compressed lining and soft feel.

This REI 3-season bag is designed with performance in mind. It is fitted to reduce girth in the shoulder, hips and legs. This bag also has baffle spacing to keep the down in place, preventing the creation of cold spots. Unlike other bags of the same price range, it also has a multichambered contour hood with a full-length zipper draft tub. All of this is designed to keep heat in and the cold out.


Like all REI sleeping bag products, this 3-season model is designed to be fitted with other REI bags with the zipper. This means expansion is always an option.

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REI Igneo 3 Season Premium Backpacking Sleeping Bag Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Written by Roberta Montoya

Roberta Montoya is a world-class rock climber who’s faced countless challenges over the years. She was also on the 2000 Mexican Olympic volleyball team. Today, she works as a corrections officer while climbing during the weekends. Roberta lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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  1. Hardcore Hagar

    800 Fill down and yet completely lightweight. Can’t go wrong. Some people don’t like the REI products, but if you carefully examine the competition, you’ll see that it is actually quite good. Best part of it is the fact that if you pick up the female version, it works amazingly well when put together.

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