Wave Sport Project Kayak Review

Available in three sizes; the Project 45, Project 52, and Project 62, this whitewater kayak is ideal for both river play and freestyle kayaking in even the most unforgiving water bodies. Boasting a hull that is designed to focus on speed and maneuverability, the Wave Sport Project combines a smooth look with ideal volume distribution earning it a top pick at the 2008 World Cup by industry legend Peter Csonka. Available in your choice of 7 colors, the Wave Sport Project kayak is at the top of the wish list for many paddlers both beginner and pro.

Performance Review

When reviewing the performance of the Wave Sport Project kayak, I took it to the Mississippi River to play in the rough waters and currents near my favorite lock system to give it a thorough evaluation. This kayak performed exactly as advertised, and it showed great speed and agility, and it was extremely easy to get in the air.

Versatility Review

Though it is limited to only river play and freestyle kayaking applications, I found that the Project was extremely versatile under these conditions. You obviously can’t use it for recreational kayaking or touring, but that’s not why you buy a toy like this.

Cargo Space Review

Like most kayaks of this style, there is very little room to store your goodies. The only real area for storage is a small area behind the cockpit seat, but I found it appropriate for this style of kayak. The shape and size of whitewater kayaks doesn’t lend itself to offering a lot of cargo space, so there were really no surprises here. The welded-in hull beam does allow for the seat to be adjusted forward, so getting your gear in and out of the rear storage area is a breeze.

Portability Review

The portability of the Wave Sport Project kayak was an absolute joy! The two security grab handles are perfectly positioned for easy transport, and a weight between 30 and 32 pounds (depending on which model; the 45, 52, or 62) is very easy on your back. The design of the hull allows for easy dragging, but the low weight makes it just as easy to carry it.


  • Customizable Foam Bulkhead
  • Two Security Grab Handles
  • Welded-In Hull Beam


Project 45:

  • Length: 5′ 11″/180 cm
  • Width: 24.5″/62 cm
  • Deck Height: 12″/30 cm
  • Weight: 30 lbs./14 kg
  • Cockpit Length: 33.5″/85 cm
  • Cockpit Width: 19″/48 cm
  • Paddler Weight: 80-140 lbs./36-64 kg
  • Volume: 45 gal/170 L

Project 52:

  • Length: 6′ 1″/185 cm
  • Width: 25″/62 cm
  • Deck Height: 12.75″/32 cm
  • Weight: 31 lbs./14 kg
  • Cockpit Length: 33.5″/85 cm
  • Cockpit Width: 19″/48 cm
  • Paddler Weight: 130-190 lbs./59-86 kg
  • Volume: 52 gal/197 L

Project 62:

  • Length: 6′ 4″/193 cm
  • Width: 25.75″/65 cm
  • Deck Height: 13.75″/35 cm
  • Weight: 32 lbs./15 kg
  • Cockpit Length: 33.5″/85 cm
  • Cockpit Width: 19″/48 cm
  • Paddler Weight: 180-240 lbs./82-109 kg
  • Volume: 62 gal/235 L

Overall Review

I would rate my review of the Wave Sport Project kayak as a 5 out of 5 stars. I did most of my review in the Project 52 because I found that the Project 45 was a little bit of a tight fit and the Project 62 was a little too spacious. I’m 6 feet tall, so a shorter person may enjoy the Project 45 better or a tall person may enjoy the Project 62 better, but the right pick will be a matter of personal comfort. Other than that, each of these kayaks performed perfectly and would be a great addition to your kayak collection or serve as an ideal primary kayak for your next river play or freestyle kayaking adventure.

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Written by Tori "Waverider" Morris

Tori “Waverider” Morris first learned to love canoes when she was just a small child. She built her first handmade canoe at the age of 11 and continues to this day as a professional. Among some of the most interesting places she’s canoed are Brazil and Vietnam. Tori lives in Corpus Christi, Texas.

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