Coleman Cooler PartsThere are several good places to find Coleman cooler parts on the internet and in stores. One of the most obvious places is from the Coleman coolers website. However, when ordering replacement cooler parts, going through the manufacturer is the most expensive option. Luckily there are many aftermarket Coleman cooler parts solutions that make repairing your cooler much more affordable.

Replacement Coleman Cooler Hinges

When the hinges on your Coleman cooler break, you can either buy a new cooler or replace the broken parts. Depending on which model Coleman cooler you have, the prices will vary depending on the size and quantity of hinges that you need. Whether you are ordering form Amazon or directly from Coleman, you can expect to pay around $5 per hinge to have them delivered to your door. Another, less attractive, hinge repair is to go to your local hardware or home improvement store and pick up a set of metal hinges. In order to seat them properly, make sure you get a set of screws designed to be used with plastic or metal, depending on which model of cooler you have.

Replacement Drain Plug

If you need to replace your drain plug, you can find universal ones all over the place. My favorite solution is to buy a $1 black rubber stopper from the hardware store. The work great, and they are cheaper than anything else. The black rubber plug won’t shrink or react negatively to water, and they are relatively immune to changes in temperature.

Replacement Coleman Cooler Handles

If you lose or break the handle on your Coleman cooler, there are several suitable options for repair. There are many camping gear stores on the internet that offer universal cooler handles, or you can order exact replacement parts through the Coleman website. Another fun and homemade solution for Coleman cooler parts is to drill out the holes where the handle popped in and feed a nylon rope through it. This works great if you lost only the cooler handle itself, and you can enhance the grip by sewing a strip of leather or canvas around the rope. Whichever way you go, repairing your cooler handles is always cheaper than buying a new cooler.

Should I Fix My Cooler or Buy a New One?

Depending on how damaged your cooler is, using Coleman cooler parts can be a viable option to save money versus buying a new cooler. If the problem areas are either hinges or handles, then you should repair your Coleman cooler rather than buying a new one. If your cooler has sustained severe damage to the main part to the point where it’s leaking, then you should probably think about buying a new one. If you end up repairing your cooler, you should use good research skills to find the best Coleman cooler parts for the job.

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    ihave a colman 28qt 6277/6278 and i need hinges can you help me

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