Whitewater Designs Rooftop Carrier Kit Transport your canoe or kayak easily and safely with the Whitewater Designs Roof Top Kayak Carrier kit. Two non-slip foam blocks securely transport your canoe or kayak on the roof of your vehicle, either with or without a roof rack. The Whitewater Designs Rooftop kayak or canoe carrier kit protects both the watercraft and the vehicle from damage and scratches. The kayak blocks have a non-slip surface for added stability and the straps are rated for use exceeding the job they are needed to do.

Overall Review

The Whitewater Designs roof top kayak and canoe carrier is an excellent rig for the part time kayaker. The design is very non-intrusive to your vehicle, and there is no permanent hardware to install or alterations made to your vehicle. This leads me to another point, the fact that you can switch this kayak and canoe carrier from vehicle to vehicle. You’re not bound to installing it on one and having to always use that car, you can just throw it on the roof of whatever is available and away you go.

Also, Whitewater Designs has done a fantastic job protecting your car from scratches due to contact with the kayak hull or slippage of the foam blocks. These blocks stay in place even through rigorous driving terrain, and they also protect the kayak hull from dents and abrasions. All around, this kayak and canoe rooftop carrier does what it was designed to do and does it all exceptionally.

I would rate my review of the Whitewater Designs Roof Top Kayak Carrier as a 5 out of 5 stars. This rooftop carrier really does an excellent job, providing a universal and vehicle-swappable design without sacrificing performance. Each component of this kit is of the highest quality from the loop and cam straps to the non-slip foam blocks. If you need a kayak or canoe carrier that won’t leave bound to any one option, this is the rooftop carrier for you.

Product Features and Specification

– Two 16’ loop straps
– Two 12’ cam straps
– Four steel fastening hooks
– Two non-slip foam blocks
– Two kits available: 16” or 20” foam blocks
– MSRP: $44.99 to $59.99

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Whitewater Designs Rooftop Carrier Kit Review, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

Written by James Stalker

James Stalker is a licensed kayak teacher and field guide with over 20 years of experience. James fell in love with adventure sports after facing a bout of cancer at a young age. He can be found traveling in some of the corners of the continent almost untouched by nearly anyone else. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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