Yakpads Yakclips ReviewYakpads Yakclips are the perfect solution for what to do with your kayak paddle during the launching process or whenever you need your hands free in a kayak. Yakpads Yakclips clip on to the edge of your kayak’s cockpit or several other convenient locations for easy access when you need it. Once you’ve clipped your Yakclips to your kayak hull, you can pop your kayak paddle in and out of it with the greatest of ease. Yakpads Yakclips are the perfect choice for any serious kayaker.

Overall Review

I would rate my review of the Yakpads Yakclips as 5 out of 5. Yakclips are the most versatile and convenient kayak paddle holders on the market today. Yakpads Yakclips fit virtually every style and brand of kayak, and they install quickly without damaging your hull. Yakpads Yakclips make launching your kayak a breeze, allowing you to attach your paddle to the front of your cockpit and launch using both hands. If you kayak often, you know that fumbling with your paddle can be a tedious process. Take the headache out of your next launch with a Yakpads Yakclip.

Features and Specifications

  • 2 Second Installation or removal on any kayak cockpit rim.
  • No Holes to Drill and No Tools Needed for installation.
  • Always have your paddle in reach anywhere on the cockpit.
  • Two accessory clips built in for keeping other items in reach: fishing poles, dry bags etc.
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Yakpads Yakclips Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

Written by James Stalker

James Stalker is a licensed kayak teacher and field guide with over 20 years of experience. James fell in love with adventure sports after facing a bout of cancer at a young age. He can be found traveling in some of the corners of the continent almost untouched by nearly anyone else. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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